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2018 Best Women’s Cheap High Quality Fashion Hoodies & Sweatshirts Part1

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2018 Best Women’s Cheap High Quality Dresses Part1

United Kingdom South Africa United States Australia Canada Netherlands Germany Dress Bridesmaid Wedding Lace Wedding dress Purple Sleeve Gold Coral Blushing Prom Navy David's Bridal Flower girl Bride Teal Chiffon Plum Navy blue Turquoise [...]

2018 Best Women’s Cheap High Quality Activewear Part1

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H&M fair living wage strategy update

H&M FAIR LIVING WAGE STRATEGY UPDATE The work within the H&M Fair Living Wage strategy is progressing according to plan. The collaborative approach in combination with a methodical way of working makes it possible to [...]

The way to sustainable fashion | H&M group

THE WAY TO SUSTAINABLE FASHION We want to make sustainable, good-quality fashion accessible to as many people as possible. We have a passion for fashion – and for our planet and how we affect the [...]

Recycle your clothes | H&M group

RECYCLE YOUR CLOTHES We believe fashion is far too precious to end up in landfills. That is why in 2013, we launched our garment collecting initiative worldwide. You can drop off your unwanted garments - [...]

Care for your clothes | H&M group

CARE FOR YOUR CLOTHES There are many things you can do yourself when it comes to sustainable fashion. It’s up to you to decide how involved you want to be in the mission to create [...]

Business ethics | H&M group

BUSINESS ETHICS Being ethical is about doing the right thing. For example, respecting laws and regulations wherever we operate, paying taxes accordingly and taking a clear stance against corruption. Beyond that, it also means respecting [...]

Anti-corruption | H&M group

Anti-corruption At H&M, we make it a rule to act with integrity at all times. Our business principles commit us to comply with all rules and regulations in each country where we operate and to [...]

Water | H&M group

WATER Today, clean freshwater is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. In the textile industry, water plays a particularly critical role. Growing cotton, dyeing fabrics, creating washed-out looks and not the least washing our clothes at [...]

Climate and emissions | H&M group

CLIMATE POSITIVE VALUE CHAIN BY 2040 Climate change remains one of the greatest challenges of our time. Its consequences will affect our entire planet and everyone living on it – making it a key challenge [...]

Chemicals | H&M group

CHEMICALS Chemicals are essential in our everyday lives, as well as in the making of our clothes. Most of the chemicals, if used correctly, are completely harmless. However, some chemicals can be harmful to people [...]

Chemical restrictions | H&M group

Chemical restrictions H&M Chemical Restriction is set with concern for health and environment. As a minimum we apply the strictest legal limit within our selling countries. H&M has separate restriction lists for our various product [...]

Animal welfare | H&M group

ANIMAL WELFARE At H&M group we believe that no animal should ever suffer in the name of fashion. All animals should be treated with respect at all times. Yet, several materials of animal origin - [...]

H&M’s Animal Welfare Policy | H&M group

H&M’s Animal Welfare Policy We believe that animals are entitled to humane treatment and to have their basic needs met. This must be respected through the adoption of good animal husbandry, and the fulfilment of [...]

Fire safety | H&M group

IMPROVED FIRE AND BUILDING SAFETY IN BANGLADESH All factories producing for H&M group should be safe and all workers should feel safe at their everyday workplace. These are key concerns for the H&M group. We [...]

Wages | H&M group

WAGES The H&M group does not own any factories. Our products are made by independent suppliers, often located in developing countries. We believe everyone working in the textile industry should earn a wage they can [...]