//A Brief Introduction to the Author

This is Mr. Gai who writes all the articles posted at Mrgai.com (my full name is Gai Mengjiao ). It is my great honor to have the opportunity to introduce myself to you. Nice to meet you here.

Yes, in this article, I will introduce myself to you all and let you know more about me and why I am working on women’s clothing manufacturing and selling industry.

As to why now I am working on women’s clothing supplying and I will tell you in detail below.

I was born in a village family which was not that rich and lived an ordinary life. And my parents worked hard at that time to improve my family life. I experienced some painful and unforgettable time when I was very young. For example, maybe if you wanted to buy new clothing and your parents would buy that for you, but my parents would not buy what I want for me because my family could not afford new clothing. So, you could imagine what kind of life I was living at my younger time.

I went to my village kindergarten learning some basic knowledge. I do not have so many clear memories about my kindergarten life.

For the first two years, I went to my village’s primary school and the last three years, I went to Zuocun Primary School 8 kilograms far away from my village because some village primary schools close to each other were integrated into one primary school. I spent half an hour walking to Zuocun Primary School every day. At that time, I did not study very well, but I still studied hard because I had the awareness to change my life and improve my family life and I had confidence that I could learn well through my continuous efforts. And if I did not understand what the teachers had taught, I would ask my teachers or classmates several times for help.

In China, we have entrance examination for junior high school. I thought I got a better rank, so many excellent students were divided into the same class with me. I knew that in your country, maybe this was not acceptable to you and everyone should be treated equally, but in China it was really like this and this could not be changed by me. Yes, good students were divided into one or two even more classes and students who did not learn well were divided into other classes. If you have any advice or word that you want to tell me, please send email to me (my email address: info#mrgai.com, #should be replaced by @). I found a big study level difference between me and my classmates, so I studied hard at that time to decrease the difference catching up with my classmates. With the help of my teachers and classmates plus my own efforts, my GPA ranked highly. I was thankful to all my hard-working teachers and my lovely classmates who offered help to me. To now, I still think that four years’ study in Fengtai Junior High School plays an important and indispensable role in my future study and life. Finally, I was admitted to Laiyang No.9 Middle School, a key senior high school.

I didn’t perform well during my senior high school life and failed in the college entrance examination. I was admitted into a college called Shandong Huayu University of Technology.

Maybe it was this suffering that kept me work harder than others in later years to change my life and conditions.

It took me one year to recover from the college entrance examination failure and cheer myself up.

Not only did I learn my college major well, but also I was enrolled by Jining University.

During this time, I once indulged myself in playing but I still remembered my unachieved dream. I wanted to learn more and so I decided to acquire a postgraduate degree.

During my postgraduate study, I had more spare time besides class learning, so I decided that it was right time to learn more and master more skills.

At the same time, I learnt a lot of online courses and software application.

After two years’ post-graduation, I wanted to find an industry that I like to work for and has a promising future and finally I chose women’s clothing manufacturing and supplying and the present company I am working for. Women have many kinds of clothing styles and I think every woman in the world should find her own wearing style most fitting for her. Every woman should dress herself.

I enjoy my working days in my present company and welcome to my company for visiting and place orders to me. For more information about my company, please check my another blog article: Show Long and Its Sub-Brands Introduction.

I hope that all my posts could help you, offer some useful and valuable information to you and solve you troubles.

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