//5 Steps to Solve the Biggest Women’s Clothing Quality Problems for Our Customers

Best or moderate price is very important for women’s clothing buyers and likewise best and ensured quality is also very important for women’s clothing buyers. Quality control plays an important and indispensable role in our whole process of women’s clothing international trade.

In this article, I will introduce how we control and manage women’s clothing overall quality. In other words, this is a brief introduction about the whole working process of how I deal your orders, that is, our professional orders managing and dealing.

To begin with, our women’s clothing designers will put forward their creative ideas and then our women’s clothing sales will ask our own factory or our sub factories to offer women’s clothing samples according to our designers’ design drawings and their creative ideas. For sure, we also offer free samples for all our women’s clothing categories according to our customers’ requirements no matter overseas or Chinese customers. If the sample could meet our designers’ requirements, then the sample clothing will be checked from the perspective of techniques. If not, the factory will offer the second, third and even more women’s clothing samples. And of course, if the sample could not pass the technical check though meeting our designers’ requirements, our factory still need to offer a new women’s clothing sample until passing the technical check. If a women clothing sample meets our designers’ requirements and pass technical check, it will be approved as a standard sample.

In addition, our factory will source fabric meeting both international trade fabric industry standards and China fabric industry standards. For the whole process of women’s clothing producing, we arrange professional and responsible merchandisers to supervise the whole women’s clothing producing process.


Our Fabric Warehouse

Our Fabric Warehouse

Our Fabric Testing Lab

Our Fabric Testing Lab

For the third step, that is, our women’s clothing mass production. To ensure the quality of women’s clothing, our factory will send a small quantity of mass women’s clothing to our quality inspection center. If there are no serious issues, our factory could continue their mass production, otherwise, it must make changes to the mass production according to the inspection center’s check results. After mass production, all the women’s clothing will be send to our inspection center for final quality and other issues like hangtag and sticker check. For this step, my company has a replaceable approach, that is, my company arrange our quality checkers to our factory or sub factories for quality and other issues’ check.


Our Inspection Center


Picture Top: Our Inspection Center

Picture Right: Inspection Center Regular Training

Inspection Center Regular Training

For the fourth step, all the qualified women’s clothing will be send to our warehouse. Other unqualified women’s clothing will go back to the factory for repairing and then comes to our inspection center again and then come into stock.

The last step, all the women’s clothing will go to over 2000 offline stores all over China which are all under our company’s direct management and at the same time go to the international women’s clothing markets.

I write this quality control article telling that our company has built a total quality management system about how to check the quality of a garment no matter garments quality control manual or automatic. We have strict quality control or assurance in textile, clothing or garments industry. We have the whole garments quality inspection procedures and final inspection in garment industry as to how to ensure quality management control.

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